[unav_all] AGU Special Session V03: Volcanism in the East African Rift System

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Dear Colleagues,


Please consider contributing to special session V03 at the AGU Fall 2009
Meeting in San Francisco.


The abstract deadline is Thursday, September 3, 2009.


V03:    Volcanism in the East African Rift System (EARS)


The East African Rift System (EARS) is presently the Earth's largest and
most complex active continental extension zone, characterized by abundant
magmatism, seismicity and crustal thinning. The reason for the fracturing of
the African Plate has been subject to much debate but there seems to be
consensus that it is due in part to the presence of rising thermal plume(s)
in the mantle. Volcanism is currently spectacularly active at a number of
locations including Erta Ale, Niragongo and Oldoinyo Lengai. EARS volcanism
is commonly dominated by unusual, silica-deficient compositions including
nephelinites, carbonatites and a host of site-specific rocks such as
ugandite, kamafugite and katungite. This session invites contributions on
all aspects of modern volcanism in the EARS: petrology, geochemistry,
volatiles, xenoliths, shallow magmatic processes and regional
volcanological/geologic studies. We also welcome experimental petrology
studies that relate magma generation processes to the tectonic environment
of the EARS.





Tobias Fischer

University of New Mexico

 <mailto:fischer at unm.edu> fischer at unm.edu


Tanya Furman

Pennsylvania State University

 <mailto:furman at geosc.psu.edu> furman at geosc.psu.edu


David Hilton

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

 <mailto:drhilton at ucsd.edu> drhilton at ucsd.edu






Tobias Fischer

Associate Professor, Volcanology

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

University of New Mexico

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