[unav_all] G10-AGU Session: Real-Time GPS: Current Progress in Network Implementation and Data ,Analysis Strategies

Frank Webb fhw at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Aug 7 11:17:07 MDT 2009

Dear colleagues,

We would like to encourage you to submit an abstract to the following session on Real-Time GPS.

G10: Real-Time GPS: Current Progress in Network Implementation and Data 
Analysis Strategies
The ongoing proliferation of high-sample rate, real-time telemetered GPS 
networks invites a diverse set of new applications that include basic 
research into tectonic, troposphere and ionosphere processes as well as 
loss mitigation from natural hazards. This diversity has led to the 
construction of real-time GPS networks by disciplines between which 
there has traditionally been little cross-cutting communication. This 
session therefore seeks to provide up-to-date information on ongoing 
real-time GPS installations throughout the world, strategies used to 
analyze phase data in real-time, and current applications that utilize 
the resulting streams of GPS station position, tropospheric water 
content, or ionosphere electron TEC. We particularly encourage the 
discussion of GPS network construction and operation that is focused on 
tropospheric tomography, loss mitigation of solar wind events via 
ionosphere monitoring, and ongoing monitoring applications that utilize 
real-time GPS positioning of volcanic, tsunamigenic, landslide and 
seismic deformation.


Tim Melbourne
Jessica Murray-Moraleda
Frank Webb

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