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Announcement: Workshop for an EarthScope Science Plan (WESP)  - October 7-9,


After a very successful construction phase, the EarthScope facilities are
now operational, and exciting research conducted by the community is
fundamentally changing views of earthquake faulting processes, plate
boundary deformation, and the structure of the North American continent and
the deep Earth.  However, much remains to be learned as the EarthScope
Transportable Array continues its sweep across the continent and to Alaska,
and the rich datasets of the Plate Boundary Observatory and SAFOD continue
to be explored. 


Eight years have passed since the original EarthScope Science Plan was
developed.  The National Science Foundation has called for a community-based
re-examination of EarthScope science priorities and development of an
updated EarthScope Science Plan. The goal is to "identify high-priority,
new, and emerging areas of scientific exploration for the EarthScope Program
over the next five to ten years from a broad range of Earth science
disciplines, including geodesy, seismology, geology, hydrology, ocean
science, weather and climate modeling, and space physics. The plan should
emphasize transformative, interdisciplinary science and include some areas
that may be speculative today, but with a high potential return." (Charge to
EarthScope Steering Committee for Updated EarthScope Program Science Plan,
www.earthscope.org/es_doc/esno/essc_charge.pdf.) The original EarthScope
Science Plan, known as the "Snowbird Report," can be found at:


The EarthScope Steering Committee invites applications for a broad-based
community workshop to evaluate and update the Earthscope Science Plan.  The
workshop will be held October 7-8, 2009 at the Snowbird Summer and Ski
Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT.  The Science Plan Writing Team,
charged with synthesizing the results of the workshop to generate an updated
science plan, will meet on October 9.   The overarching theme of the
workshop will be integration of different data types and scientific
disciplines to further understanding of Earth processes and their impacts on
society. Plenary sessions and breakout groups will highlight recent
discoveries enabled by EarthScope, identify key science questions for the
future, and explore new research directions and technologies. The meeting
will also include an evening poster session and a call for "one-pagers"
(one-page research summaries) documenting EarthScope successes or new
opportunities.   After the workshop, a draft of Science Plan will be
prepared and made available to the community for comment.  The Science Plan
will be finalized in January, 2010.  


To Apply:


We encourage all scientists interested in the future of EarthScope,
including those with little or no past involvement with EarthScope, to apply
for the workshop. Space is available for 125 participants. Accepted
applicants will be provided with full on-site support for lodging and meals
but will be expected to cover their own transportation costs.  The deadline
for full consideration is August 26, and successful applicants will be
notified by September 9. To apply, please go to:
www.earthscope.org/meetings/science_planning_workshop  There you will be
asked for a brief summary of your scientific interests and prior experience
with EarthScope as well as for ideas for the workshop and for future
EarthScope research directions.  



The organizing committee for the Workshop for an EarthScope Science Plan
(WESP) includes: Mike Williams (University of Massachusetts,
mlw at geo.umass.edu), Karen Fischer (Brown University,
Karen_Fischer at brown.edu), Basil Tikoff (University of Wisconsin,
btikoff at wisc.edu), Jeff Freymueller (University of Alaska,
jeff.freymueller at gi.alaska.edu), and Anne Trehu (Oregon State University and
EarthScope National Office, trehu at coas.oregonstate.edu).  



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