[unav_all] Fall AGU session on Cryosphere-Geosphere Interactions

Sauber-Rosenber, Jeanne M. (GSFC-6980) jeanne.m.sauber-rosenberg at nasa.gov
Wed Aug 12 09:00:01 MDT 2009

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to encourage you to send an abstract to the 
upcoming AGU Geodesy session on  "Measuring and Modeling Cryosphere-Geosphere Interactions".  A brief description of the G19 session is given below, along with convener contact information if you have any questions.

G19: Measuring and Modeling Cryosphere-Geosphere Interactions

In this session we invite submissions that use observations and numerical modeling to address interdisciplinary questions: What influence do ice mass fluctuations have on ongoing tectonic deformation and earthquake occurrence? How do geologic structures and geothermal heat flow contribute to ice flow rates and patterns? How do glacial erosion and ice flow shape one another? Do regional scale changes in ice mass influence the likelihood of magmatic events in places like Iceland? How do solid Earth tides influence ice flow?

Convener Information:

Jeanne Sauber
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Planetary Geodynamics Laboratory
Greenbelt, MD, USA  20771
Jeanne.M.Sauber-Rosenberg at nasa.gov

Ben Smith
University of Washington
Applied Physics Laboratory
1013 NE 40th Street
Box 355640
Seattle, WA, USA  98105-6698
206 616 9176
bsmith at apl.washington.edu

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