[unav_all] 2009 Fall AGU session: T27: The East Africa Rift System: Links Between the Surface and Depth

Derek Keir D.Keir at leeds.ac.uk
Wed Aug 12 09:35:10 MDT 2009

Dear colleagues

I draw your attention to the following Fall AGU 2009 session that will be open to abstract submissions until the deadline on 3rd September 2009.

T27: The East Africa Rift System: Links Between the Surface and Depth

The 3000-km-long East-Africa rift system provides a natural laboratory to understand continental extension from early stage rifting to the point of breakup. Studies focusing on crustal and lithospheric scale deformation show significant spatial variation in strain partitioning between magma intrusion, stretching and faulting. Likewise, studies that probe deeper in the Earth beneath East Africa show that dynamic processes in both upper and lower mantle may influence rifting. We invite contributions from a wide range of disciplines that deal with observations (e.g. GPS, InSAR, seismology and structural geology), numerical modeling and imaging of the East Africa rift system. We also encourage multidisciplinary studies that link process in the mantle with shallower deformation mechanisms.

Section - Tectonophysics


James Hammond - J.Hammond at bristol.ac.uk
Derek Keir - d.keir @leeds.ac.uk
Carolina Pagli - c.pagli at leeds.ac.uk
Atalay Ayele - atawon at yahoo.com


We invite people to submit abstracts for the above fall AGU session. To submit abstracts, please follow the link below.



Derek Keir

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