[unav_all] Volcano Deformation funding opportunity

Mike Jackson jackson at unavco.org
Thu Aug 20 10:53:52 MDT 2009

The USGS has announced the following Recovery Act (ARRA) Volcano  
Monitoring opportunity:

click on the "Full Announcement" tab for the announcement documents.

The USGS will support the repair and/or modernization of equipment  
used to monitor and report volcanic activity in the U.S. and will  
improve the data centers and processing capabilities that generate  
volcano information products and manage volcano data. Objectives  
include: modernization and replacement of aging seismometers, geodetic  
instruments, and telemetry equipment at hazardous volcanoes, and  
augmentation of existing networks with additional instruments;  
activities related to monitoring of hazardous and active volcanoes,  
including field observations and sampling, geophysical data analysis,  
geologic mapping, and GIS-based hazard and vulnerability assessments;  
computer-based research and development in the fields of data  
visualization and analysis, network design, and data archiving; and  
creation and preservation of jobs, and youth employment. Support for  
objectives to be completed by the resulting assistance awards will  
utilize funds provided under the American Recovery and Reinvestment  
Act (ARRA) of 2009. All applications must be submitted through  
grants.gov. Complete instructions are included in the program  
announcement. Applications submitted through any other means will not  
be considered. The closing date for receipt of applications is  
September 14, 2009, 4:00 EDT. ARRA-SV0008A.

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