[unav_all] AGU Session on Roughness and Remots Sensing

HERZFELD UTE herzfeld at tryfan.Colorado.EDU
Mon Aug 24 11:59:48 MDT 2009

Hi all,

herewith you are invited to send a contributed paper to the special

C23: 	Snow and Ice Surface Roughness and Remote Sensing

at the AGU Fall Meeting, 14-18 Dec 2009 in San Francisco.

ABSTRACT DEADLINE: SEPT 3, 2009 (see www.agu.org about times and

Snow and ice surface roughness plays an important role in many cryospheric
and atmospheric processes, and many environmental and geophysical
processes manifest themselves in changes in surface roughness. For
example, surface roughness influences energy flux between terrestrial or
marine ice surfaces and the lower atmosphere, wind creates sastrugi,
crevasse fields open as ice velocity changes, and sea ice exhibits surface
forms indicative of its formation and kinematics. Contributions are
invited from any area of snow and land/sea ice research, including
observational or analytical topics, statistical analysis, phenomena at
every scale, from field, aerial and satellite observations. A focus of the
session is the relationship of surface roughness and remote sensing
observations, including active and passive microwave data, satellite
imagery, laser and radar altimetry:How does snow and ice surface roughness
influence the remote sensing signal? And what can we learn about
cryospheric processes from surface roughness and its spatial variability?

Convenors: Ute Herzfeld and Helmut Mayer

Let me know if you have questions I may be able to help with, and I hope
to see you at AGU.

Best greetings,

Ute Herzfeld

University of Colorado Boulder

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