[unav_all] AGU Session: Changes in Plate Tectonic Motions and Conservation of Angular Momentum

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Mon Aug 31 20:57:34 MDT 2009

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider contributing to the session described below. Invited  
speakers will be:
Scott King (Virginia Tech, USA)
Hans-Peter Bunge (University of Munich, Germany)
Alessandro Forte (University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada)
Richard Gordon (Rice University, USA)

Carl and Eric

Changes in Plate Tectonic Motions and Conservation of Angular Momentum

In the past, evidence appeared to indicate that plate motions were  
steady at time scales of a few million years, and zero net torque  
global solutions applied. At longer time scales it was also recognized  
that plate motions do change in direction and rate. However, recent  
results show that the major plates of the Earth accelerate and  
decelerate at rates as high as 0.3 mm/a/Ma for the past 62 Ma, and  
furthermore that conservation of angular momentum applies to plate  
tectonics. (Harada and Hamano, 2000; www.electronic-earth.discuss.net/4/21/2009 
  <http://www.electronic-earth.discuss.net/4/21/2009> ). For this  
Session we urge contributions that (1) may help link periods of plate  
deceleration with plate boundary processes; (2) provide further  
evidence of plate accelerations/decelerations, particularly for the  
Mesozoic and Paleozoic periods; (3) that can provide additional plate  
acceleration/deceleration evidence during the Cenozoic and Recent  
times, the latter possibly from comparisons between geological and  
space geodetic observations; and (4) that may offer alternate  
interpretations, including modeling results that link plate motion  
changes with plate boundary or mantle processes.

Conveners: Carl Bowin (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) and Eric  
Calais (Purdue University)

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