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UNAVCO Community Members,

As most of you know, the community has been engaged in active  
discussion about refining data policy for UNAVCO archive GPS/GNSS  
holdings.   This discussion has been framed by the core values and  
strategies articulated in the UNAVCO strategic plan, by differences in  
sponsor requirements among programs, and by evolving models of data  
acquisition that have blurred historic distinctions between "campaign"  
and "continuous" GPS observations.
Among the Core Values in the strategic plan http://www.unavco.org/pubs_reports/strategic_plan/strategic-plan.html 
, these frame the data sharing issues:

· Advancement of community science goals

· Excellence in science, service, and education

· Open access to data products and scientific exchange

· Data preservation and stewardship

The board has engaged you as a community in this discussion over the  
last year, including discussion at last year's Annual Meeting,  
circulation of draft policies, and a web based forum.  This fall, the  
Board finalized next steps.

At its October meeting, the UNAVCO Board of Directors reviewed the  
community and sponsor comment on the draft GPS Data Policy, as well as  
the recommendations of the UNAVCO Facility Advisory Committee.  The  
draft policy was revised in light of the comments and recommendations  
received, and approved by action of the board.   Because the policy  
includes provisions for sponsor stipulations, the new policy takes  
effect for data collected beginning in 2011.  Until then, GPS data  
collection continues to be guided by the predecessor UNAVCO and  
EarthScope data policies that are currently available on the UNAVCO  

The new policy is attached as text and an attachment.

Note that the new policy aligns with EarthScope requirements.  Thus,  
after 1/1/11, the need for multiple policies for different equipment  
pools is eliminated.  In addition, the increasingly ambiguous  
distinction between campaign and continuous observations is also  

Please also note what UNAVCO management learned in a Business Systems  
Review this fall:   Appropriate acknowledgment of others' awards  
(community use of data collected and archived under awards to data  
providers and to UNAVCO)  - either directly or by citation - is now  
considered an enforceable condition of funding by NSF. Our compliance  
with federal award administration requirements relies on community  
professional standards in ensuring appropriate citation and  
acknowledgment while writing and reviewing papers for publication.

Acknowledgment and attribution information for UNAVCO archive services  
and for PBO or IGS data continues to be available for UNAVCO awards at:

Appropriate citation of data providers in publication and presentation  
continues to be the responsibility of those ingesting others' data  
sets or reviewing papers that include third party data.

This policy is a major step forward by the Geodesy community in  
demonstrating its commitment to open data.  Its success depends on the  
community use and attribution.   Congratulations to all who  
participated in shaping this significant step forward.



M. Meghan Miller
President, UNAVCO
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Boulder, CO  80301

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meghan at unavco.org

Save the date:	March 9 - 11, 2010
UNAVCO Science Workshop

         UNAVCO GPS Data Policy

Approved by the Board of Directors on 15 October 2009.
Effective for data collected after January 1, 2011
Archiving of data
All UNAVCO-facilitated GPS and other GNSS data data and metadata must  
be archived at UNAVCO upon collection.  Data providers are responsible  
for providing attribution information with submitted data, including  
sponsor and provider contact information.

Metadata will be made publicly available as soon as it is placed in  
the archive.  Data will be made publicly available as soon as it is  
placed in the archive, except when an investigator has documented a  
period [of exclusive use that is specified by the sponsor, typically  
in the award letter.

By accessing data from the UNAVCO archive, users agree to appropriate  
attribution to providers and their sponsors, acknowledgment  of UNAVCO  
and its sponsors, and to adherence to professional and ethical  

Streaming (low latency or “real-time”) data are governed by a separate  

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