[unav_all] Important note for warranty coverage of the Trimble NetRS receivers

Patricia Karich karich at unavco.org
Wed Dec 9 15:59:15 MST 2009

Dear UNAVCO Community;

            We will soon have many of the early purchased NetRS receivers
reaching the end of the five year warranty. It is important that as soon as
possible once you discover a problem receiver that you submit a Repair
Request (RMA) via the UNAVCO web site. (

            We must send a serial number to Trimble for warranty validation
prior to the expiration date. Trimble is not allowing any grace period
based on the date of failure or otherwise!  Once we have the serial number
validated as under the warranty, we can then request the parts needed after
we have had a chance to fully diagnosis the receiver.

             We would suggest  you return the receiver to Boulder as soon as
practical, but having the serial number submitted,  we can make every effort
to insure that your repair is covered under warranty and avoid a potential
costly repair should a warranty date be missed by only a few days.  Please
be sure and record the RMA number and have it available when you are ready
to ship the NetRS to us for repair.

 (Please see the instructions on the repair request web page)

            If you have any questions please contact us via
Repairs at unavco.org  

Thank you.

John Symank

Senior Technician



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