[unav_all] Applications Sought for 3 USGS Eearthquake Positions in Pasadena

Thomas M Brocher brocher at usgs.gov
Wed Dec 30 12:01:28 MST 2009

Message from Tom Brocher, USGS

I’m extremely pleased to announce that the USGS Earthquake Science  
Center is now seeking applications for three positions in our Pasadena  
office, a senior seismologist (GS-14/15), a network seismologist  
(GS-12), and an operational geodesist (GS-12).  Because we are seeking  
the best candidates for each of these openings, would you please share  
this announcement with your colleagues who may be or know potential  
applicants for these positions?  Please note that applications will be  
accepted until January 29, 2010 midnight EST only at http://jobsearch.usajobs.gov/ 
   Links to each job posting in USAJobs are listed after each position  
description.  More detailed application instructions are provided at  
the end of this email.  An ad in Eos for these positions will be  
appearing in the upcoming January 5th issue.

Research Geophysicist (Senior Seismologist)  (GS-1313-14/15)
Permanent Position.  Starting salary:  GS-14: $105, 566; GS-15: $124,177
DUTIES: Originate, plan, lead, and conduct basic and applied research  
into earthquake source processes, ground motions in damaging  
earthquakes, and modeling and simulation of ground motions, and data  
analysis, emphasizing assessment of earthquake hazards in southern  
California. Principal studies include, 1) simulating ground motions in  
potentially damaging scenario earthquakes, 2) computing earthquake  
parameters such as a finite-fault source model for natural  
earthquakes, and 3) working with the seismic and geodetic network  
operational groups to develop, and ingest data into, an automated  
system for rapid assessment and analysis of earthquake ground motions.

QUALIFICATIONS:  GS-14: At least 1 year of specialized experience at  
or equivalent to the GS-13 level that is in or related to the duties  
described above. PhD highly desirable.

For all US citizens (WR-2010-0107):

For Merit Promotion (WR-2010-0112)

Geophysicist (Network Seismologist)  (GS-1313-12)
Term position (4 yrs).  Starting Salary:  $75,125.  GS-13 promotion  
DUTIES: This position includes operational responsibilities within the  
Southern California Seismic Network (SCSN) and development and  
operation of complex software systems for earthquake monitoring, and  
production of earthquake products. The successful candidate will apply  
modern computational techniques to analyze broad-band and strong  
motion seismic data, conduct seismological analyses to evaluate the  
performance and quality of CISN products, develop new earthquake data  
products, and with CISN partners, help develop an operational  
prototype Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) system in California.

QUALIFICATIONS:  At least 1 yr of specialized experience equivalent to  


Geophysicist/Geodesist (Operational Geodesist)  (GS1313/1372-12)
Term position (4 yrs).  Starting salary:  $75,125.  GS-13 promotion  
DUTIES: Leads the USGS GPS monitoring project in southern California.  
Monitors operations and directs two personnel in maintenance, repair  
and upgrade of the network. Interprets processing results to ensure  
that high quality data and station metadata are archived.  Directs  
maintenance and development of GPS software packages. Develops real- 
time processing and telemetry systems for USGS earthquake response  
products and Earthquake Early Warning system. Carries out  
investigations using GPS data and establishes new and modified  
methods, techniques, and procedures to resolve novel technical problems.

QUALIFICATIONS: At least 1 yr of specialized experience equivalent to  


How to Apply

YOU MUST APPLY ON-LINE AT: http://jobsearch.usajobs.gov/
* For Senior Seismologist search on keyword:  WR-2009-0107
* For Network Seismologist search on keyword:  WR-2009-0441
* For Operational Geodesist search on keyword:  WR-2010-0019

You must apply by January 29, 2010 midnight EST to be considered.   
Only online applications will be accepted.

These positions are with the USGS, Earthquake Science Center office  
located in Pasadena, CA
U.S. Citizenship is Required

Contact: Betsy Cohen, 916-278-9385, bcohen at usgs.gov, Human Resources

Thank you for your help!!


Tom Brocher
Team Chief Scientist
Earthquake Hazards Team
W: (650) 329-4737, Cell: (650) 644-5927, Fax: (650) 329-5617
brocher at usgs.gov

U.S. Geological Survey, MS 977
345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025

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