[unav_all] Crustal Deformation in Plate Boundary Zones: EarthScope and Beyond

Jaime Magliocca magliocca at unavco.org
Thu Feb 19 10:30:53 MST 2009


Dear colleague,


We would like to draw your attention to the special session G07 "Crustal
Deformation in Plate Boundary Zones: EarthScope and Beyond"  that will take
place at this year's AGU Joint Assembly in Toronto, Ontario, May 24-27.

The year 2008 saw the completion of construction of the EarthScope Plate
Boundary Observatory that will be used to study the actively deforming
boundary of North America in the western United States. This facility has
deployed GPS, borehole strainmeters, laser strainmeters, and other types of
geodetic instrumentation that will be used to measure and characterize
continental deformation processes on scales from individual faults to
continents. We invite contributions that report on recent advances in the
measurement and modeling of deformation of the lithosphere in plate boundary
zones, not limited to the EarthScope footprint. Topics may include seismic
cycle-related deformations, secular strain of continental interiors,
time-dependent or aseismic deformation, integration of techniques,
comparison to geologic data, etc.

The abstract deadline is 4 March 2009,

Meeting details at www.agu.org/meetings/ja09/

Sincerely ,

Conveners: Bill Hammond, Herb Dragert, Joe Henton, Kathleen Hodgkinson


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