[unav_all] AGU Special Session G04: Laser Scanning / Geophysical Studies

David Phillips dap at unavco.org
Wed Feb 18 19:00:38 MST 2009

Dear colleagues,

We would like to highlight the following special session at this  
year's AGU Joint Assembly taking place 24-27 May 2009 in Toronto,  
Ontario, Canada.

"Application of Laser Scanning to Geophysical Studies"

The abstract deadline is 4 March 2009.  Abstracts related to either  
airborne or terrestrial laser scanning are welcomed and encouraged.

Sincerely yours,

		James Foster and David Phillips


G04:  Application of Laser Scanning to Geophysical Studies

Laser Scanning methods (e.g. LiDAR) have opened up new realms of  
resolution in the surveying and characterization of the surface of the  
earth. This rapidly evolving technology enables new perspectives on  
geodetic and geophysical problems, while presenting new challenges in  
developing techniques and software to process, visualize and interpret  
the vast quantities of data it can produce. This session will focus on  
geophysical investigations using terrestrial or airborne laser  
scanning or studies that address technical issues of applying laser  
scanning to geophysical problems.

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