[unav_all] Breakthrough Ideas and Technologies for a Planet at Risk

Michael Bevis mbevis at osu.edu
Mon Feb 23 13:22:41 MST 2009

Dear Colleagues

We would like to bring your attention to an unusual and potentially  
very interesting union session at the AGU Joint Assembly taking place  
in May 2009 in Toronto, Canada.

U04: 	Breakthrough Ideas and Technologies for a Planet at Risk


The abstract deadline is 4 March 2009.   We invite you to submit your  
big ideas! And please pass this message on to anyone you think  


Michael Bevis and Eric Barron

U04: 	Breakthrough Ideas and Technologies for a Planet at Risk

Most of the emerging mega-risks to our environment, the global economy  
and even our civilization, are strongly connected to the earth  
sciences. These include the looming energy crisis, climate change,  
impending shortages of water, and explosive population growth in  
regions with intense natural hazards. Over the years many sessions at  
meetings of the AGU and its sister organizations have focused on  
understanding and predicting these hazards, and in exploring their  
interconnections. Some of these connections - such as that between  
climate change and disease, extend well beyond earth science per se.  
In this session we invite presentations that address potential  
solutions to one or more of these problems, including potentially  
'game-changing' technologies. Got a better way to generate or store  
energy, to preserve water in areas where it is disappearing, to  
enhance rainfall and reverse desertification, to capture carbon, to  
prepare a city for an earthquake that will arrive in the next 12  
seconds, to suppress red tides, or deflect an asteroid heading for  
earth? Risky concepts are OK - we'd be happy if one of these ideas  
actually panned out and made a difference.

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