[unav_all] EGU 2009 - Geodetic Studies in Africa

Eric Calais ecalais at purdue.edu
Wed Jan 7 07:45:49 MST 2009

You are cordially invited to submit a contribution to session G14 -  
"Geodetic Studies in Africa" of the EGU General Assembly 2009, to be  
held in Vienna,  Austria, 19-24 April, 2009. The session description  
is given below. Abstract submission deadline is 13 January 2009.

Hope to see you in Vienna!
Best regards,
Rui Fernandes, Eric Calais

G14 - "Geodetic Studies in Africa"
Efforts by many groups have contributed to significantly improving the  
number and the spatial distribution of space-geodetic systems for  
scientific research and technical applications in Africa. This session  
intends to showcase these recent developments, with contributions on  
the the geodetic issues (e.g., a common reference frame for the entire  
continent) as well as on the multi-disciplinary scientific studies  
based on these systems (e.g., present-day tectonics of Africa and its  
margins; atmospheric studies; hydrology). We invite contributions  
dealing with AFREF, the proposed common reference frame for Africa.  
Its materialization will require accurate methodologies in order to  
deal with the uneven distribution of existing stations. Specific  
problems are faced in some regions where the scarcity of stations is  
still a reality and to densify AFREF at national levels. AFREF is also  
serving as a framework for studies of the tectonic interactions  
between the plates that constitute the African continent and their  
neighbors. Reciprocally, understanding the present-day tectonics is  
important for best defining AFREF. We expect contributions focused not  
only on the internal boundaries of Nubia and Somalia but also on the  
other margins of the African continent (e.g. the Nubia-Eurasia plate  
boundary). Finally, geodetic studies in Africa can also help address  
issues related to climate change, through the monitoring of sea-level  
change, atmospheric water vapor, and ground water by ground (e.g. GPS,  
DORIS) and space-based (e.g. Grace) sensors. Contributions discussing  
these issues are highly welcome.

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