[unav_all] EAR Announcement (from Robert Detrick)

Meghan Miller meghan at unavco.org
Fri Jan 23 11:59:18 MST 2009

The Division of Earth Sciences at the National Science Foundation is  
pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Gregory Anderson as the  
EarthScope Program Director.  Dr. Anderson will also be responsible  
for managing NSF’s support of the Southern California Earthquake  
Center (SCEC).  He is replacing Dr. Kaye Shedlock who successfully led  
the EarthScope program through its design and construction phase, and  
retired from NSF at the beginning of January.

Dr. Anderson is currently a Senior Scientist at the Swiss  
Seismological Service (SED) at ETH in Zurich, where he is program  
manager for the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) project, a worldwide  
seismic hazard and risk modeling effort, as well as head of the SED  
Information Technology Group.  He has an A.B. in Geophysics from the  
University of California, Berkeley and a Ph. D. in Earth Sciences from  
the University of California, San Diego.  Anderson had postdoctoral  
fellowships with the U.S. Geological Survey and the Southern  
California Earthquake Center and was the Data Products Manager for  
EarthScope’s Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) from 2003-2007.

Dr. Anderson is expected to take up his new position at NSF in April  

Robert S. Detrick
Director, Division of Earth Sciences
Geosciences Directorate
National Science Foundation
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