[unav_all] Earthscope session at Fall AGU

Kristine Larson kristinem.larson at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 10:49:31 MDT 2009

We would like to encourage everyone working with Earthscope data
to submit an abstract to the Fall AGU Union Session:

The EarthScope Initiative: From North America Geodynamics to
       New Frontiers in Science

The abstract deadline is September 3.  If you have any questions about the
session, please feel free to contact one of the conveners.  The session
description is given below.
Session Conveners
Kristine M Larson                                          Michael Hedlin
kristinem.larson at gmail.com                      hedlin at ucsd.edu

Christine Puskas                                           Lucy Flesch
c.puskas at utah.edu                                      lmflesch at purdue.edu

U18 Session Description:

EarthScope is a multidisciplinary geophysical observatory built to
yield a comprehensive, time-dependent picture of the North American
continent. EarthScope facilities include USArray, a continental-scale
seismic component; the Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO), a geodetic
network of GPS receivers and strainmeters; and SAFOD, a 3km hole
drilled directly into the San Andreas fault. Data from the three
projects are now being used as the basis of multidisciplinary
geodynamic studies from local scales to continental scales in the
western U.S., and are further being applied across a number of
unexpected disciplines, including atmospheric, cryospheric, and
hydrologic sciences. This session solicits abstracts that showcase the
breadth of science coming out of the EarthScope project, from studies
of lithospheric processes to new applications across disciplines.

Kristine M. Larson
Professor of Aerospace Engineering Sciences
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0429

phone:  303 492-6583
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