[unav_all] FW: Web 2.0 Session at AGU

Susan Eriksson eriksson at unavco.org
Tue Jul 28 16:14:36 MDT 2009

Dear UNAV_all,  
    Charna Meth, Assistant Director, US Science Support Program, Consortium
for Ocean Leadership, has asked that I recruit you from the geodetic
community to participate in this session at AGU.  


ED12: Using Web 2.0 Technologies to Facilitate Science Communications
Session Description:
The World Wide Web has changed the way society shares and receives
information.  New technologies and applications are lifting us from static
web pages to interactive and dynamic online experiences.  Gone are the days
when web pages only disseminated information; today online tools allow users
to interact with each other, building cohesive communities and new
opportunities for collaboration. Professional science organizations, large
research projects, and science education centers can now use blogs, social
networking sites, wikis, webinars, and other Web 2.0 applications to
publicize news and programmatic information, interact with their audiences,
create awareness of concepts, develop new ideas, and attract new
stakeholders and participants to their programs.  This session will discuss
how scientists and organizations are leveraging online tools (e.g.,
Facebook, Twitter, web forums) to revolutionize the way science is
communicated, both within the science community and with other groups. 

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