[unav_all] Fall AGU Session G05: Detection of Transient Deformation

Jessica Murray-Moraleda jrmurray at usgs.gov
Wed Jul 29 17:30:30 MDT 2009

Dear Colleagues,
We'd like to encourage you to contribute an abstract for session G05, "Detection and Characterization of Transient Crustal Deformation" to be held at the 2009 Fall AGU meeting in San Francisco.  We hope to showcase a diverse set of approaches and results on this timely topic.  The full session description is below.

Abstract submissions are due Sept. 3, 2009.  More information can be found at http://www.agu.org/meetings/fm09/.

Hope to see you in San Francisco,
Jessica Murray-Moraleda, Rowena Lohman, and John Langbein

G05: Detection and Characterization of Transient Crustal Deformation

The number, size, and spatial density of continuously recording geodetic and seismic networks in volcanically and seismically active regions continues to grow. These networks have enabled the discovery and monitoring of transient deformation exhibiting a wide range of magnitude, duration, and spatial extent. In addition to Global Positioning System measurements, progress continues toward improving Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar time series and strainmeter observations. This steadily expanding stream of data requires ongoing, automated monitoring for changes that may signal anomalous behavior like transient fault slip or volcanic unrest. This session will explore methods for detecting transient crustal deformation. We seek contributions on all aspects of this topic including new algorithms, applications to various tectonic settings, and implementations for near real-time monitoring. Submissions that combine use of multiple data types, present means for recognizing spatially-coherent nontectonic signals, or address the issue of false alarms are encouraged. 

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