[unav_all] Nominations for UNAVCO Board of Directors

Bob King rwk at chandler.mit.edu
Thu Jul 30 11:27:40 MDT 2009

In the fall, UNAVCO will hold its annual election for its Board of Directors. 
The Nominations Committee is soliciting suggestions for potential candidates 
for the Board. We encourage all members of the UNAVCO community to contribute 
suggestions for Board candidates. Self-nominations and nominations of colleagues 
are both welcome. 
There are openings for:

Two (2) Board Members who are affiliated with UNAVCO Member Institutions. 
A Board Member may be a Member Representative.

One (1) opening for a Board Member-at-Large. The Board Member-at-Large may not 
also be a Member Representative, but may be otherwise affiliated with a Member 
Institution. A person who is not affiliated with a Member Institution is also 
eligible to serve as a Board Member-at-Large. 

Board Members serve a two-year term.

A current list of Member Institutions is available at: 
The three current Board members whose terms will expire are Pamela Jansma 
(University of Texas, Arlington), Shimon Wdowinski (University of Miami), 
and Ian MacGregor (National Sciences Resources Center, Smithsonian Institution).  
All three are eligible to serve again at this time, having just completed a single 
consecutive term or, in Ian's case, the second year of a vacated term.  

The four Board members whose terms will not expire this year are: Susan Owen (JPL), 
Susan Schwartz (UC Santa Cruz), Matthew Pritchard (Cornell University), and 
Sridhar Anandakrishnan (Penn State).  

Please note that while US government employees may serve as non-voting observers on
on UNAVCO committees, they may not serve on the UNAVCO Board.  Some people who work 
at government labs (e.g., Lawrence Livermore, JPL, etc.) are employed by a university 
rather than the government and thus are eligible to serve. IRIS, for example, has 
similar restrictions. 
UNAVCO is interested in having a candidate pool that reflects the diversity of the 
UNAVCO community. Thus, we seek candidates representing all of the disciplinary, 
ethnic and gender diversity of our scientific community.  We are also particularly 
interested in encouraging nominations of junior scientists to help ensure engagement 
among the next generation of UNAVCO community scientists. 
Please send suggestions for candidates to the chairman of the Nominations Committee, 
Bob King <rwk at chandler.mit.edu> with a copy to Jaime Magliocca <magliocca at unavco.org>. 
The deadline for receipt of suggestions is August 21, 2009.
Thank you, 
Nominations Committee: 
Bob King, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chair
Tim Dixon, University of Miami
Kurt Feigl, University of Wisconsin
Tonie van Dam, University of Luxemburg

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