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NASA Earth Science Community:

NASA's Earth Science Division has planned a three-day symposium to  
our scientific accomplishments during the twenty years following the
initiation of Earth System Science (ESS) as an integrated scientific
discipline, significantly enhanced by the global perspective of space,  
considering future plans and challenges for the next twenty years of  
ESS at

The web site for the Symposium is up and running and is located at:
http://dels.nas.edu/osb/nasa.shtml, and contains information on the
Symposium, including an agenda and on-line registration capability.

We would like to invite you to participate in the symposium  
Earth System Science at 20: Accomplishments, Plans, and Challenges" to  
place at the National Academy of Sciences located at 2100 C St. N.W.,
Washington, D.C., USA) from 22-24 June 2009. The National Academy of
Sciences' Space Studies Board, Ocean Studies Board, and Board on Earth
Sciences and Resources will co-host the event. The meeting has been
organized by a planning committee from the science community with
backgrounds that span the breadth of science and engineering that have  
part of NASA Earth Science's history.

Please join us as we take a revealing look at our past while charting  


Jack A. Kaye
Assoc. Director for Research
Earth Science Division
Science Mission Directorate
NASA Headquarters

and the ESS at 20 Planning Committee:

Eric Barron (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Paula Bontempi (NASA Headquarters)
Scott Doney (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Jeff Dozier (University of California - Santa Barbara)
Marvin Geller (Stony Brook University)
Tony Janetos (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory/University of  
Charlie Kennel (University of California - San Diego)
Michael King (University of Colorado)
Bernard Minster (University of California-San Diego/Scripps  
Institution of
Berrien Moore (Climate Central, Inc.)
Lisa Shaffer (University of California - San Diego)
Marshall Shepherd (University of Georgia)
Jagadish Shukla (George Mason University)

Dr. Jack A. Kaye                    Phone: 202-358-2559
Assoc. Director for Research        Fax: 202-358-3172
Earth Science Division              E-mail: Jack.A.Kaye at nasa.gov
Science Mission Directorate
NASA HQ, Mail Suite 3F71
Washington, DC 20546

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