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Meghan Miller meghan at unavco.org
Mon Jun 1 14:02:02 MDT 2009

UNAVCO Community,

This is a reminder for those of you hoping to submit an MRI R2 with  
UNAVCO, we had hoped to have back up materials today.



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Begin forwarded message:

> From: Meghan Miller <meghan at unavco.org>
> Date: May 15, 2009 2:32:32 PM MDT
> To: Unavco All Listserv <unav_all at ls.unavco.org>
> Subject: UNAVCO Community MRI process for MRI-R2 - Ideas by June 1,  
> 2009
> UNAVCO Community,
> The anticipated MRI - Recovery and Reinvestment funding has now been  
> announced.  For this proposal call only, special provisions apply  
> including modifications to the match requirement and the opportunity  
> to fund a small number of projects up to $6M.  The NSF deadline for  
> proposals is August 10, 2009, and some of you have expressed  
> interest in UNAVCO collaboration or support.  If you are considering  
> using UNAVCO resources, by June 1, 2009 we would like to receive the  
> information needed to prioritize proposals.
> Program announcement:
> http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2009/nsf09561/nsf09561.htm?govDel=USNSF_25
> Ways to collaborate with UNAVCO for this proposal call:
> 1.  Submission of an MRI - Instrument Development proposal with  
> UNAVCO work included as less than 20% of the total budget in the  
> form of a subaward.  In such a case, UNAVCO participation would not  
> count against UNAVCO's organizational limit of 3.  UNAVCO is  
> unlikely to be able to contribute to any cost share requirement.   
> For such a project, support can be requested through the web page at http://facility.unavco.org/project_support/project_support.html 
> .
> 2.  UNAVCO submission of an MRI proposal on behalf of or in  
> collaboration with member institutions.  Because UNAVCO is subject  
> to the cost share requirement, and yet has only negligible non- 
> federal sources for matching funds, this approach requires a plan to  
> meet the 30% cost share requirement.
> Please note that universities may contribute to meeting UNAVCO's  
> cost share without counting the UNAVCO submission against the  
> university's organizational limit, as long as the university is not  
> receiving an award or subaward.
> If you are interested in advancing a proposal through UNAVCO, the  
> board would like to review the following:
> 1.  Preliminary project summary with science goals, with  
> intellectual merit and broader impacts.
> 2.  Draft project budget
> 3.  A short memorandum that addresses these questions (approximately  
> 1 page):
> 	A.  How does the project align with UNAVCO's mission and goals?
> 	B.  How will the proposed project serve the UNAVCO Community?   http://www.unavco.org/pubs_reports/strategic_plan/strategic-plan.html
> 	C.  What is the plan/commitment to meet the match requirement?
> 	D.  How mature is the concept?  Is the project feasible?
> 	E.  What NSF program will the project serve (EAR, OPP, ATM, etc….)?
> Please forward your ideas for a UNAVCO community MRI proposal to me  
> by June 1, 2009 so that they can be reviewed by the board.
> This is a complex program announcement from NSF.  If you have any  
> questions, please call me so that we can talk about the best way to  
> move projects forward.
> Thank you,
> Meghan

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