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> Position Available:
> Applied Geomechanics is a world leader in the application of
> differential GPS for precise monitoring of ground and structural
> deformation.  Our proprietary 3D Tracker software is used to track the
> movement of landslides, dams, slopes, bridges, buildings and volcanoes
> to absolute position accuracy of 1 mm.  Our clients include power
> companies, mining companies and government agencies in the U.S. and
> many foreign countries.
> We have an immediate opening for the position of GPS Product Manager.
> The successful applicant will:
> •   Serve as our in-house GPS expert specializing in 3D Tracker  
> business
> development, system deployment and project management,
> •   Understand and apply data telemetry and networked systems  
> technology
> in the performance of 3D Tracker monitoring projects,
> •   Provide ongoing technical support to existing clients,
> •   Work with our professional sales team to develop new 3D Tracker
> service and software sales,
> •   Plan and direct 3D Tracker technical development work, including  
> 1)
> software improvements, 2) optimization of the design of GPS monitoring
> stations, 3) planning and performance of tests to quantify 3D Tracker
> system performance under a variety of field conditions.
> We are looking for a self-driven, fast-learning manager with GPS
> training and experience.  Candidates should be capable of working on
> several tasks in parallel.  They should have experience deploying and
> maintaining monitoring instrumentation at remote sites.   Position
> requires an M.S. degree in geophysics or the engineering sciences, and
> 3 or more years of experience working with GPS technology.
> The location is negotiable.
> If interested contact suszek at gmail.com (Naia Suszek) for more  
> information.
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