[unav_all] Earth Science Literacy Press Release

Susan Eriksson eriksson at unavco.org
Mon Jun 8 14:57:33 MDT 2009

Dear UNAVCO Community,
     Below are links to the newly released Earth Science Literacy document
and accompanying news release.  Several members of our community were part
of the 700 people who made this happen.  I urge you to read this document.
It is not 'just for school teachers' as I heard someone remark.  It is a
compilation of 'big ideas' in earth science for all citizenry - for teaching
your undergrads, graduate students, and even researchers who may or may not
have had a 'classical' geoscience education.  

Susan Eriksson

Subject: Earth Science Literacy Press Release

This email is sent to you as at some time in the past year you have
participated in the Earth Science Literacy Initiative process online at the
College of Exploration online campus and we have your email address.

NSF, Michael Wysession, Nicole LaDue, all of the organizing committee, the
editing group, all of us, would like to say a big thank you for all of your
contributions. There are over 700 of you who have signed on at some point to
contribute, discuss, review, edit or otherwise comment and view the emerging
work. The end result is a reflection of countless hours of learning,
reflection, iteration, sharing, writing, editing, discussing, examining,
etc. to get to a final agreed upon report.

The result is a report: Earth Science Literacy Principles: The Big Ideas and
Supporting Concepts of Earth Science.

The press release was issued June 4 and is at


The brochure can be downloaded at http://www.earthscienceliteracy.org

Of course the really hard work now begins, encouraging everyone to use the
document in all manner of different ways.

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