[unav_all] Natural Hazards sessions at AGU Fall Meeting

Corné Kreemer kreemer at unr.edu
Fri Jun 5 11:00:18 MDT 2009

We encourage you to submit session proposals to 
the Natural Hazards focus group at the 2009 Fall Meeting. Deadline is June 12.

The newly formed Focus Group on Natural Hazards 
fosters a focus within AGU on studies of 
geophysical hazards, including droughts, 
earthquakes, fires, floods, heat waves, 
landslides, space weather, storms, tsunamis, 
volcano eruptions, subglacial lake outbursts, 
impact by near-Earth objects, and related events.

We particularly encourage topics that promote 
fundamental research into the links between 
extreme natural hazards and dynamic processes on 
Earth and in space; real-time and long-term 
monitoring of active Earth processes; 
quantitative natural-hazard modeling; studying 
predictability of natural extreme events, their 
operational forecasting, and reducing predictive 
uncertainties; and implementation of effective 
strategies and designs for hazard mitigation and disaster management worldwide.

The Natural Hazards focus group overlaps with 
many other AGU sections and particularly has 
natural connections to Geodesy in terms of 
techniques (GPS, InSAR, LIDAR) and applications 
(earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, tsunamis, subsidence, weather, etc).

Some quick ideas for special sessions are:
- Geodetic Monitoring of Coastal Subsidence and Local Sea Level
- Geodetic Monitoring of Landslides
- Using Geodesy for Seismic Hazard Assessment
- Using Real-Time GPS towards Hazard Mitigation and Response
- Earthquake Early Warning

We'd be happy to discuss your ideas with you. 
Please contact Corné Kreemer (kreemer at unr.edu) 
and Matt King (m.a.king at ncl.ac.uk) when you are 
not sure whether to submit your session to 
Natural Hazards or Geodesy. In any case, you may 
want to list the other section as co-sponsor.

The deadline for submitting session proposals is 
June 12, and proposals should be submitted here: 

Corné Kreemer
Allan James

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