[unav_all] two GPS data-analysis positions at USNO

Christine Hackman hackman.christine at usno.navy.mil
Thu Mar 5 07:46:28 MST 2009

Dear UNAVCO-ites,

US Naval Observatory (USNO) is recruiting two full-time GPS 
geodesists/data analysts, one permanently and one for two years 
(possibly to be extended). The primary responsibility of the FTP person 
will be the care and feeding of our IGS products, ultimately with the 
goal of improving them. This person will have some IT duties as well. 
The two-year person will work on a GPS analysis project in which clock 
solutions are the primary quantities of interest.

Candidates need to know how to analyze GPS data, preferably with a 
large-scale program such as Bernese, GIPSY, GAMIT, etc., though 
experience with a smaller homegrown program might work as well.

The positions will be in the GPS Analysis Division of USNO's Earth
Orientation Department (Washington, DC). Applicants must be US citizens
and willing to undergo background investigations.

To learn about/apply for these position, follow the instructions below.
Interested parties are welcome to contact me directly with questions,
etc., at hackman.christine at usno.navy.mil; 202-762-1428; there's no
obligation to follow up with an app. NB: I cannot accept
applications directly; you must apply through the website.

Applications close 23 March 2009.

Christine Hackman
Chief, GPS Analysis Division
Earth Orientation Department
US Naval Observatory


1.  Go to https://chart.donhr.navy.mil
2.  Click on "Search for Jobs".
3.  Either search for ASTRONOMER, WASHINGTON DC, and then look for the
job numbers NW9-1330-13-K1223587-DE  (permanent),
NW9-1330-13-K1244014-DE (2-yr term), or search using these job numbers.
4.  Apply accordingly.

Dr. Christine Hackman
Chief, GPS Analysis Division
Earth Orientation Department
United States Naval Observatory
3450 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20392
tel: (202) 762-1428
fax: (202) 762-1563
e: hackman.christine at usno.navy.mil

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