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UNAVCO Community,

If you have been meaning to send your thoughts on the more informal  
Special Topics Sessions (formerly Special Interest Groups) for the  
UNAVCO 2010 Science Workshop, now would be a very good time to do  
that.  We had asked for them by last Friday.  We expect to move  
forward in the next few days.

Please see full text below.  We'd like to hear what you'd like  


M. Meghan Miller
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Save the date:	March 9 - 11, 2010
UNAVCO Science Workshop

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> From: Eric Calais <ecalais at purdue.edu>
> Date: October 22, 2009 11:38:42 PM MDT
> To: unav_all at unavco.org
> Subject: [unav_all] 2010 UNAVCO Science Meeting
> Dear Colleagues:
> Please mark your calendars for the coming UNAVCO Science Meeting, to  
> be held March 8-11, 2010, in Boulder, Colorado. In planning this  
> meeting, the organizing committee has intentionally designed the  
> program to showcase scientific advances and opportunities both in  
> the core areas of the UNAVCO community and in some exciting but  
> traditionally less represented fields such as geomorphology, water,  
> and climate change. This meeting focus aligns with the vision  
> articulated in UNAVCO's 2008 Strategic Plan: Advancing Geoscience  
> through Geodesy:
> "We challenge ourselves to transform human understanding of the  
> changing Earth by enabling the integration of innovative  
> technologies, open geodetic observations, and research, from pole to  
> pole."
> Many of you will recognize the broad organization and core science  
> themes, although there will be some things that we do a little  
> differently for 2010:
> ·       The workshop will be held at the Millennium Hotel in  
> Boulder, a property that continues to provide a well-suited and  
> convenient venue with pricing that allows us to maximize supported  
> attendance of both students and professionals.
> ·       Registration and reception activities Monday evening will  
> lead off, and may cap an informally organized ski day if there is  
> sufficient interest.
> ·       Technical sessions will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday  
> morning, and Thursday. They will consist of four plenary sessions,  
> informal Special Topics Sessions (STS), and posters.
> ·       A special, distinguished, plenary lecture by Bernard Minster  
> will provide us with a historical perspective on space geodesy and  
> its applications to geophysics, from the early days to the latest  
> NRC study.
> ·       This technical program will be complemented by a choice of  
> Wednesday afternoon activities:  a tour of the UNAVCO Facility, or  
> for the adventurous, this year's field trip that will be led by Bob  
> Anderson (CU) and will focus on shaping of the Front Range by  
> climate forces, relying on the integration of geomorphology,  
> cosmogenic dating, and GPS constraints.
> The four plenary sessions will be organized around the following  
> crosscutting themes:
> ·       Toward a pixel-by-pixel view of Earth's surface changes
> ·       Expanding the temporal range of high precision GPS  
> observations
> ·       Opportunities posed by advances in geodesy
> ·       Geodesy and water in a changing climate
> Scheduled time for informal Special Topics Sessions (STS) will  
> alternate with plenary sessions. Smaller groups can breakout over  
> scientific or technical issues and initiatives.  Informal lunch  
> meetings on focused topics may also be arranged.
> And of course, there will be poster sessions throughout the  
> meeting.  Participants are encouraged to contribute a poster on the  
> topics of the plenary sessions or on any other topic.
> We are excited about this format and are writing to solicit your  
> thoughts for the technical sessions:
> ·       Please send suggestions for STS sessions, with the name of  
> the convener (or conveners), a few sentences describing its topic,  
> and, if possible, a rough estimate of the number of attendees  
> expected. Depending on the response, we may need to limit the  
> addition of STSs closer to the time of the meeting to those on late  
> - breaking topics.
> ·       Please send nominations for plenary session speakers. As  
> with the last meeting, we are especially eager to have a speaker in  
> every plenary session whose primary topic is Education and Outreach,  
> and we especially welcome suggestions for early- to mid-career  
> speakers.
> We would like to gather your suggestions no later than November 6,  
> 2009, so that we can move forward with planning the meeting.  Please  
> email them to Jaime Magliocca (magliocca at unavco.org) and she will  
> forward them to the organizing committee.
> We will look forward to seeing you at the 2010 UNAVCO Science Meeting!
> Organizing Committee:
> Eric Calais, Purdue University, Chair
> Ramon Arrowsmith, Arizona State University
> Susan Schwartz, UC Santa Cruz, Board Liaison
> Meghan Miller, UNAVCO President
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