[unav_all] Workshop announcement: "Future directions for NSF-sponsored geoscience research in Tibet/Himalaya"

Simon Klemperer sklemp at stanford.edu
Thu Nov 12 17:52:47 MST 2009

Workshop announcement: "Future directions for NSF-sponsored 
geoscience research in Tibet/Himalaya"

Dear Colleague:
On June 11-12 2010, we are convening a workshop on behalf of NSF's 
Directorate for Geosciences, to explore and provide guidance to NSF 
on "Future directions for NSF-sponsored geoscience research in 
Tibet/Himalaya" (see http://online.sfsu.edu/~leech/TibetGEOworkshop 
). This workshop immediately follows the 25th HKT 
(Himalaya-Karakorum-Tibet) meeting in San Francisco next June (see 
http://online.sfsu.edu/~leech/hkt25sf ).

As a community, it is our responsibility to show NSF the scientific 
progress that has been achieved with the very significant support we 
have received to work on Tibet/Himalaya over the last 20 years; and 
to provide NSF with a clear statement and vision of our goals for the 
future, including the scientific progress we can expect if NSF 
continues its support of projects in this geographic region. As a 
community we need to identify which key geoscience problems and 
processes are best addressed in Tibet/Himalaya, what key datasets are 
needed, and how NSF can best support the evolving need for multi- and 
inter-disciplinary investigations.

The workshop will be held 0800 Friday June 11 to 1400 Saturday June 
12, 2010, at the Romberg-Tiburon Center of San Francisco State 
University. We anticipate that NSF will provide funding for 40 U.S. 
scientists and students to participate, and we will correspond with 
you again as soon as funding is secured (lead sponsorship from the 
Continental Dynamics Program of NSF), and our application form is 
available on-line.  We anticipate a January 15th deadline for your 
application for travel support.

We will be asking all applicants to summarize their personal list of 
the "top 5-10 unsolved questions in the Tibet/Himalaya system".  The 
workshop program will be built from these submissions, and will be 
strongly focussed on future directions as opposed to past results. 
We will therefore invite all prospective participants in the NSF GEO 
Workshop to provide a science "one-pager" describing previous 
results; and also to consider submitting their recent science results 
to HKT-25.

Please hold the dates June 11-12 for this NSF GEO Workshop, and feel 
free to offer us any feedback as we plan this meeting for the 
community, using our workshop e-mail address, TibetWorkshop at gmail.com

Please let us know if you would like your name added to future mailings.

GEO Workshop conveners
Simon Klemperer, Stanford; Lucy Flesch, Purdue; Carmala Garzione, 
Rochester; Kip Hodges, Arizona State; Eric Kirby, Penn State; Mary 
Leech, SFSU; Anne Meltzer, Lehigh.

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