[unav_all] Invitation to use the UNAVCO Booth at AGU

Meghan Miller meghan at unavco.org
Tue Nov 17 08:43:28 MST 2009

Dear UNAVCO Community members,

I am writing to invite you to use the UNAVCO Booth at AGU as a venue  
to showcase your UNAVCO-related and UNAVCO-supported projects and  
products.  Last year at AGU, many UNAVCO community members scheduled  
UNAVCO booth time for topics such as:
UNAVCO’s GEON Integrated Data Viewer (IDV)
Integrate UNAVCO GPS Data Into Your Teaching
GeoEarthScope Airborne LiDAR Data Exploration
UNAVCO's Next Generation Data Archive Interface
TLS LiDAR Demo - Learn How to Produce a 3D Point Cloud
Learn How to Find and Access InSAR Data at UNAVCO
Research Experiences in Solid Earth Science for Students (RESESS)
EarthScope Data Portal, PBO Network User Tools, and Real-time  
Streaming GPS Data
We are organizing booth sessions again this year, and would like to  
schedule participants.  If you can participate, please respond via the  
link below - by Friday, November 20, 2009 if at all possible.  We will  
circulate your availability as part of the booth schedule....   So we  
would count on you to answer questions, provide resources, and be  
available for discussions.  We can schedule demonstrations and  
presentations as well.   Please plan to bring any electronic visuals  
for the big screen and/or printed materials to share.

Here's how to schedule:
Go to  http://www.doodle.com/2zugfsrcgehuuvab to enter your name,  
presentation topic, and availability.  Sometimes it works out nicely  
to schedule a booth session after a related science talk, that way you  
can direct people to meet you and others at the booth to continue the  
Email Kate Tallerday (tallerday at unavco.org) with information regarding  
the technology you will need for your presentation - will you use your  
computer?, if not - do you need a MAC or PC?, any necessary software?,  
internet access?, etc.  There will be a 40" monitor available for use,  
connected to either a MAC or PC with a secure internet connection.   
Also, if you need more than one half hour for your session, please let  
Kate know.
Once the schedule is finalized Kate will email it to unav_all, post  
the completed schedule on the web, hand out fliers and hang a poster  
at the booth and at the Geodesy Reception (Tuesday evening).
And, please let us know how else we can help increase the visibility  
of your projects.


M. Meghan Miller
President, UNAVCO
6350 Nautilus Drive
Boulder, CO  80301

Voice:  303/381-7514
By cell:  720/320-0026
Fax:  303/381-7501
meghan at unavco.org

Save the date:	March 9 - 11, 2010
UNAVCO Science Workshop

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