[unav_all] FW: USGS Mendenhall Post-doctoral Opportunity in Menlo Park

Susan Eriksson eriksson at unavco.org
Thu Oct 22 12:22:55 MDT 2009

Announcing a new USGS Mendenhall Post-doctoral Opportunity, as submitted by
Andy Michael, USGS Menlo Park:

Title: Detecting the Causes of Earthquake Rate Changes

We wish to draw your attention to a Postdoctoral opportunity that is
currently being offered by the USGS Earthquake Hazards Team. Recently
graduated or soon-to-be graduating PhD students are encouraged to develop a
focused research program will address the challenges of differentiating
normal from abnormal earthquake activity, identifying and characterizing the
underlying changes in strain rate, and (or) integrating strain rate changes
into seismic hazard assessment.

The full description of this opportunity (#32) can be found at:


...and also by contacting one of this opportunity's advisors:  Andrew
Michael, (650) 329-4777, michael at usgs.gov; Jeanne Hardebeck, (650) 329-4711,
jhardebeck at usgs.gov; Jessica Murray-Moraleda, (650) 329-4864,
jrmurray at usgs.gov; Thomas Parsons, (650) 329-5074, tparsons at usgs.gov; Fred
Pollitz, (650) 329-4821, fpollitz at usgs.gov

Information about the Mendenhall program and how to apply can be found at
http://geology.usgs.gov/postdoc/ .  Applications are due by November 9,

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