[unav_all] Event Response - 2010 April 4 Laguna Salada Mw=7.2 earthquake

Meghan Miller meghan at unavco.org
Wed Apr 7 14:11:33 MDT 2010

UNAVCO Community Members,

2010 has started out with an extraordinary series of events that have tested and honed our capacity for event response. 

I am writing to let you know about the activities that UNAVCO has undertaken in response to Sunday's 7.2 earthquake in northeastern Baja California.  Because this event was on the edge of the PBO network, there are many in situ observations that have been recovered from the observatory, in addition to the more usual response capabilities. 

The event policy as well as the forum for this event can be accessed from:  http://www.unavco.org/support/event-response/event-response.html.

When discussions have occurred outside of the forum, UNAVCO staff have worked to be sure that they are posted there:

There are some other activities that I invite you to be aware of:

	• Chris Walls is the event coordinator for this event and is UNAVCO's point of contact for this earthquake:  walls at unavco.org. 

	• Many preliminary results and other resources are already posted to these UNAVCO web pages:
Science highlight:  http://www.unavco.org/research_science/science_highlights/2010/M7.2-Baja.html
GRO Supersite:  http://supersites.unavco.org/baja.php

	• If you would like UNAVCO support for collecting or accessing data, geodesy education resources, coordination of community activities, or have other requests related to this event, please let us know and we will help with proposals and projects on a best effort within current scope or in support of securing new resources. UNAVCO's Project Support Request form is always an appropriate point of entry if you don't know where else to start.  It is linked from our front page and found directly at: http://www.unavco.org/support/support.html   If you need help in filling out this form, call Chris or your favorite UNAVCO staff member to work with you on this.

	• Please use the forum for communications and updates, so those who join the conversation at a later time can access the entire thread:  
There are evolving plans for a RAPID response request to NSF for this event, and that initiative would benefit from wider contributions.   Please go to the forum and add your thoughts.  You can post links to your work in response to this event on the forum. 

	•  For inclusion in UNAVCO’s other web pages, send links (with a brief description, including your name affiliation) to Val Sloan at sloan at unavco.org.  For inclusion of results in UNAVCO-hosted GEO supersite http://supersites.unavco.org/baja.php, send images and information to Susanna Gross at gross at unavco.org.

You can link to UNAVCO's science highlights and what's hot..... from our home page at

Finally, we are formally debriefing after each event to review and refine our response protocols.   If you have feedback on how we can continue to improve our web and community presence, please write to me or to the event coordinator.

We look forward to hearing from you.


M. Meghan Miller
President, UNAVCO
6350 Nautilus Drive
Boulder, CO  80301

Voice:  303/381-7514
By cell:  720/320-0026
Fax:  303/381-7501
meghan at unavco.org

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