[unav_all] Japan-Kamchatka-Alaska Subduction Processes (JKASP) Workshop 2011

Jeff Freymueller jeff.freymueller at gi.alaska.edu
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Japan-Kamchatka-Alaska Subduction Processes (JKASP) Workshop 2011

The 7th international workshop on the Japan- Kurile-Kamchatka-Aleutian  
volcanic arcs, among the most volcanically and seismically active  
areas on Earth, will be held August 25th -30th, 2011 in Petropavlovsk- 
Kamchatsky, Russia. The region includes transitions from ocean-ocean  
to ocean-continent convergence, arc rifting by oblique convergence, an  
exceptional subduction “cusp”, and a newly defined micro-plate.

The conference provides interdisciplinary discussions rather than  
separate concurrent sessions. A special discussion will focus on how  
we can extend geophysical monitoring and improve crisis response  
through bilateral and/or trilateral initiatives. Field trips to some  
of Kamchatka’s active volcanoes will be offered in conjunction with  
the meeting. The annual two-week, for-academic-credit, International  
Volcanological Field School (http://www.uaf.edu/geology/field-studies/international-volcanologi/ 
) will be held immediately before the workshop, so that students and  
scientist/teachers can attend both.

JKASP convenes biennially, rotating through Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky,  
Sapporo, and Fairbanks. It provides a unique opportunity to meet many  
other scientists and students working in the far northern Pacific, as  
well as an excellent introduction for those who wish to become  
involved in research in this exciting region. The first circular is  
available at:


If you are interested in receiving subsequent circulars on this  
meeting, please send an e-mail to lvl at kscnet.ru

Jeff (forwarding for John Eichelberger)

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