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Tue Aug 17 16:39:42 MDT 2010

Author: Ruth Neilan

o Thanks!
o Presentation Recordings
o Workshop Photos
o Brief news on GB decisions
o Workshop Recommendations - coming soon!

Dear colleagues -

Its been a bit over a month since we met together at the IGS 2010 Newcastle Workshop. On behalf of the IGS Governing Board, I pass on a sincere "Thank-you!" to our hosts, Matt King and his colleagues of the Local Organizing Committee:
Peter Clarke
Philip Moore
Nigel Penna
Sibylle Goebell
Liz Petrie
Ian Thomas
Sophie Bassett
Stuart Edwards
Rory Bingham
Maxim Keshin
(and the kind folks at the Newcastle Business School, Derek and Andy.)

Another sincere thanks to Bob King and his program committee for a really terrific program which I am confident everyone enjoyed. Thanks are due as well to Tilo Schoene and Jan Johannson for the Symposium on Vertical Rates on the last day of the workshop. And again, many thanks to each presenter, poster presenter and attendees. Newcastle 2010 is truly a memorable workshop for the IGS. 

We are still working to create the new webpage for IGS events to archive IGS workshops, proceedings & recordings.  As most of you know, the main web pages are at Newcastle with the program, and pdf or ppt presentation files:


There have been many requests for the videos of the presentation that we made for Newcastle, and so we are providing a link to them now. Just understand that these are not currently hosted on the IGS server to limited capabilities,. So for the time being, please be patient with the short commercial advertising - when you click on a presentation link, there is sometimes (not always) a very short video ad that precedes the actual Newcastle presentation. Eventually when the videos are hosted on our own servers for the new IGS website, this will change.  The link to the presentation recordings is here:


I didn't take as many pictures as usual, but you can view what I have, and anyone who took good pictures during the workshop are welcome to please add to the photo album. When you go the the photo gallery, note that there are a number of ways to view the images. Enjoy! The gallery is here:


To add photos to this album, click the label above the photos that says 'Send to Album'; or send a message to this address with the photos as attachments:

geolinks-3drp at post.me.com

As an aside, we also recorded the Third Meeting of the International Committee on GNSS (ICG-3) hosted by the US. There presentations are very informative and useful. You can view them here and even download to your computer, iPod or mp3 player. These have a different web interface since this was our first attempt at capturing presentations:



The Governing Board convened a wrap up session on the last Friday of the workshop and two key unanimous decisions made were made:
1) establish an IGS Multi-GNSS Demonstration Project/Campaign
2) establish an Orbit Modeling Working Group - welcoming Marek Ziebart to the IGS Governing Board!
More information will be available in the very near future of other news from the GB.

What remains on our list is to collate all of the workshop recommendations from the Thursday Summary Session and circulate them. Thanks to the Session Chairs and Rapporteurs for prioritizing them and getting them into a common format. 

I want to thank Gaurav Walia for all of his work in these efforts for IGS - it is very much appreciated. 

Finally, if you have any comments or suggestions, or have any problem to access the links, please let us know.

kindest regards on behalf of John Dow and the IGS Governing Board,


(Apologies for any cross postings)

Ruth E. Neilan
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