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Susan Newman snewman at seismosoc.org
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Dear Colleague:

The Seismological Society of America is now accepting session proposals for the 2011 SSA meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, 13-15 April 2011.  

2011 marks the start of the bicentennial of the remarkable New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812 and the arrival of the Transportable Array element of EarthScope's USArray in the region. One focus of the meeting will be the seismotectonics and hazards found in continental interiors with regional emphasis on cratonic North America. Topics of interest may include the stress state of intraplate regions, large scale lithospheric structure from active and passive source experiments, geodetic models for earthquake genesis and glacial rebound, paleoseismicity studies in intraplate source zones, urban earthquake hazards, issues related to siting nuclear or other critical facilities, and emergency management issues associated with intraplate earthquakes. The meeting will also commemorate the bicentennial of the New Madrid earthquakes. Sessions that explore these earthquakes and related issues are particularly encouraged.

Sessions are encouraged from across the broad fields of earthquake science, geotechnical and earthquake engineering and seismology, including paleoseismology, Earth structure, explosion monitoring, nonvolcanic tremor and slow slip, earthquake and other seismic source processes, seismoacoustics, non-linear seismic wave propagation, topography and basin effects, controlled source experiments, and hazard analysis.

We strongly encourage the seismological community at large to help make this an extraordinary SSA meeting by organizing sessions related to these topics or to other cutting-edge research, methodology, and technology developments in seismology.

The Technical Program Committee is  composed of co-chairs M. Beatrice Magnani and Chuck Langston (University of Memphis), Dominic Assimaki (Georgia Institute of Technology), Mike Brudzinski (Miami University), Zhigang Peng (Georgia Institute of Technology), Mark Petersen (USGS), and Doug Wiens (Washington University). 

The deadline for session proposals in October 1.  For full information see: http://www.seismosoc.org/meetings/2011/specialsessions.php

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