[unav_all] GeoPRISMS Implementation Workshop: Subduction Cycles and Deformation, 5-7 Jan.,2011

Shelley Olds olds at unavco.org
Wed Aug 25 09:40:41 MDT 2010

  A MARGINS/GeoPRISMS-sponsored workshop on the new GeoPRISMS Subduction 

and Deformation (SCD) Initiative will be held January 5-7, 2011 in Austin,
Texas (http://www.nsf-margins.org/SCD/2011/). This workshop will produce the
implementation plan for the SCD component of the GeoPRISMS Science Plan.
Participants will further refine the themes and the unanswered questions
proposed for the SCD Initiative in the Draft Science Plan
(www.nsf-margins.org/Planning_and_review/DSP_final.html). The SCD Initiative
addresses the following key topics:

1. Controls on the size, frequency and slip behavior of subduction plate
2. Spatial and temporal patterns of deformation through the seismic cycle
3. Linkages between volatile release and the rheology of the plate boundary
4. Storage, transfer, and release of volatiles through subduction systems
5. Geochemical products of subduction and creation of continental crust
6. Subduction zone initiation and arc system formation
7. Feedbacks between surface processes and subduction zone dynamics.

The workshop will narrow the focus of these seven themes, prioritize scientific
objectives, and develop a 10-year implementation plan, including identification
of potential collaborations with national and international research partners.
An additional goal of this workshop is the selection of one or two "Primary
Sites" for focused investigations and to define the desired balance between
"Primary Sites" research versus other efforts.

Interested researchers should submit an application online by OCTOBER 8, 2011,
here: http://www.nsf-margins.org/SCD/2011/app.html. The application should
include a brief statement of how the applicant expects to contribute to the
workshop's goals and a short C.V. All scientists interested in
subduction-related studies are encouraged to apply, independent of past
involvement in MARGINS or GeoPRISMS. Post-docs, senior graduate students, and
members of underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to participate.
Selected participants will be notified by November 12, 2010. Funding from NSF
is expected to cover a significant fraction of travel and accommodation costs
for U.S. participants. Questions or comments may be directed to the
GeoPRISMS/MARGINS Office margins at nsf-margins.org.

Meeting web page: http://www.nsf-margins.org/SCD/2011/
Meeting application page: http://www.nsf-margins.org/SCD/2011/app.html

Convened by:
Michael Underwood (University of Missouri-Columbia) : co-Chair
Clifford Thurber (University of Wisconsin-Madison) : co-Chair
Harm van Avendonk (University of Texas, Austin)
Susan Bilek (New Mexico Tech)
Michael Gurnis (Caltech)
Katherine Kelley (University of Rhode Island)
Demian Saffer (Penn State University)

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