[unav_all] SSA Special Session On Combining Geodetic And Seismic Measurements From Borehole Networks

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Dear Colleagues

We would like to draw your attention to a special session at the 2011  
Seismological Society of America annual meeting in Memphis, TN, April  
  Abstracts are now being accepted through 5 PM PST 11 January 2011 at http://www.seismosoc.org/meetings/2011/ 

Combining Geodetic And Seismic Measurements From Borehole Networks
Combining measurements from different types of geodetic and seismic  
borehole instrumentation provides the potential to expand the spectrum  
of signals that can be observed at one site from periods of  
milliseconds out to years. The combination of tiltmeter and tremor  
measurements in Japan, the strainmeter recordings of Episodic tremor  
and Slip strain pulses in Cascadia and the measurement of slow  
earthquakes in central California since the 1990's are examples of the  
types of signals borehole instruments have captured. Now, with higher  
sample rates, improved sensitivities and the increasing number of  
integrated borehole networks around the world the task of combining  
the different data sets to obtain new insight on the temporal and  
spatial evolution of high to ultra low frequency signals becomes a  
pressing challenge. In this session, we encourage submissions on the  
combination of the different types of borehole measurements, e.g.,  
strain, tilt, seismic and pore pressure for the purposes of data  
processing downhole instrument calibration and modeling of geophysical  
signals. We also welcome submissions on any aspect of dealing with  
borehole networks including  installation operation, and tasks  
associated with handling the larg volumes of data generated by these  

David Mencin,  mencin at unavco.org
Kathleen Hodgkinson,  hodgkinson at unavco.org
Charles A. Langston,  clangstn at memphis.edu
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