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Meghan Miller meghan at unavco.org
Mon Jan 18 13:58:55 MST 2010

UNAVCO Community Members,

It is with mixed emotions that I write to tell you of Dr. Susan  
Eriksson's decision to retire from UNAVCO this spring and to pursue  
other interests.  While we wish her well in her future endeavors, we  
will also miss Susan and her passion for diversity, education, and  

Susan wrote her colleagues at UNAVCO last Friday:       "I am retiring  
from UNAVCO to move on to the next chapter of my life and career.  The  
last 5.5 years at UNAVCO has been an incredible experience for me –  
the friends, professional colleagues, building the E&O program, and  
even learning about geodesy!  I came with the expectation that I would  
stay 3-5 years and then figure out what the next stage is. That time  
is here.   I intend to do some consulting, spend more time with my  
art, and also bring together what I’ve learned over the last decades  
in geosciences to do some writing and mentoring. "

In 2004,Will Prescott hired Dr. Eriksson to establish an Education and  
Outreach program at UNAVCO. Under her leadership in the past 5 years,  
UNAVCO as a community has made great strides in its efforts to broaden  
the use of geodesy by the education and scientific community with a  
specific emphasis on training the next generation of Earth  
scientists.  The internship program has promoted diversity among  
researchers and students, and the E&O program staff, along with  
scientists and educators across the country, have disseminated  
scientific advances of the geodetic community in various educational  

Every aspect of UNAVCO E&O attests to Susan's passion and leadership.   
The program is both diverse and robust, and has touched hundreds of  
students, teachers, scientists, and interns.  With this success,  
community expectations have grown:   the UNAVCO Short Course Series,  
educational materials and workshops, data tools for educators, and  
internship opportunities are in great demand.  Cumulatively, community  
scientists have added content and teaching to the ‘program’ over 400  
times!  Almost 200 scientists have benefited from the expertise of  
their colleagues in the GAMIT/GLOBK, strainmeter, Terrestrial Laser  
Scanning, LiDAR, and InSAR workshops – a systematic program  
implemented under Susan's leadership.

Through collaboration with other organizations, Susan led UNAVCO to  
increase the level of success within all endeavors while building and  
broadening the UNAVCO community. In particular, contributing to the  
EarthScope Education and Outreach efforts has put data and science  
from the Plate Boundary Observatory in front of hundreds of teachers  
and faculty.  Partnership with IRIS has provided a collaborative model  
in which UNAVCO and IRIS work together on projects such as RESESS  
(with UNAVCO in the lead) and the Active Earth Display (led by IRIS).  
UNAVCO plays a role in supporting community research and education  
programs such as POLENET, Teachers on the Leading Edge, TXESS  
Revolution, PIRE US-China project, and others.   Dr. Eriksson’s talent  
in forging relationships that pool the resources and gifts of  
organizations and individuals has been key in establishing UNAVCO as a  
recognized geosciences education program within a few years.

Susan has also provided leadership in NSF-funded workshops such as the  
2007 Cascadia workshop that involved educators and scientists to  
identify the important scientific concepts to be incorporated into  
education and outreach efforts.  The 2008 workshop for E&O  
professionals in NSF GEO has resulted in an active network of NSF  
projects, and the January 2010 workshop on geo-cybereducation was co- 
sponsored by UNAVCO.  Efforts to expand our community to include the  
Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans (SACNAS),  
with UNAVCO initiating a yearly field trip for approximately 50  
undergraduate students.  In 2009, UNAVCO received a plaque for service  
to the National association of Black Geologists and Geophysicists  
(NABGG), and is one of the first members of the Geoscience Alliance, a  
new organization to advance geosciences.

Building ‘buy in’ and contributions by community scientists has been a  
major goal that Susan has actively advanced on our behalf as a UNAVCO  
community.  Helping principal Investigators in crafting successful  
education and outreach activities of broader impact is taking off.     
In 2009, E&O supported 12 individual PI’s in proposal development, and  
we have received feedback that these efforts have directly contributed  
to proposal success.   Through these, UNAVCO has supported young  
investigators, post-doctoral fellows, and large collaborative projects.

Please join me in recognizing the vision, passion, and hard work  
behind these accomplishments and in wishing Susan Eriksson well, as  
she undertakes new adventures.  She and I, and in fact all of UNAVCO,  
are committed to a transition that honors and ensures her legacy on  
behalf of the UNAVCO community and our broader constituencies.  We  
will look to you for help as we move into recruiting.


M. Meghan Miller
President, UNAVCO
6350 Nautilus Drive
Boulder, CO  80301

Voice:  303/381-7514
By cell:  720/320-0026
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meghan at unavco.org

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