[unav_all] Research Opportunities in the Earth Sciences

Kristine Larson kristinem.larson at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 12:41:30 MDT 2010

UNAVCO community:

The National Research Council is sponsoring a study on New Research
Opportunities in the Earth Sciences.  The study follows a similar 2001
study and is sponsored by NSF.  The charge of the committee as follows:

(1) Identify high-priority new and emerging research opportunities in
the Earth sciences over the next decade, including surface and deep
Earth processes and interdisciplinary research with fields such as
ocean and atmospheric sciences, biology, engineering, computer
science, and social and behavioral sciences;

(2) identify key instrumentation and facilities needed to support these new and
emerging research opportunities;

(3) describe opportunities for increased cooperation in these new and
emerging areas between the
Division of Earth Sciences (EAR) and other government agency programs,
industry, and international programs;

(4) suggest new ways that EAR can help train the next generation of
Earth scientists, support young
investigators, and increase the participation of underrepresented
groups in the field.

We have created a website where anyone can provide feedback
about these topics. The web address is located here:


Thank you for your help.
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