[unav_all] REMINDER: Spectrum of Fault Slip Behavoirs - registration

Jaime Magliocca magliocca at unavco.org
Tue Jul 13 09:18:49 MDT 2010

Community Members:

The registration/application deadline for the first EarthScope Institute on
the Spectrum of Fault Slip Behaviors is July 15, 2010.

The Spectrum of Fault Slip Behaviors
October 11-14,  Portland, OR

The principal goal of this EarthScope Institute will be to improve
understanding of the mechanisms responsible for the spectrum of observed 
fault slip behaviors. The purpose of October 11-14 workshop is to seed
collaborations between observational efforts, numerical and theoretical 
approaches, and laboratory based research programs focused on Transient
Fault Slip (TFS). Presentations from the workshop will be posted on the 
web as background for what is planned to be a continuing on-line community
exploring the spectrum of fault slip behaviors. The Institute 
is intended to foster continuing critical thinking about the underlying
mechanisms and physical processes responsible for TFS and promote broad, 
community-based interest in understanding TFS. For more information and to
apply for the workshop, please go to:


note: Although the registration deadline may be extended, we will be
awarding travel support soon after July 15.

Thank You, 

Anne Trehu
EarthScope National Office

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