[unav_all] GPS Explorer mailing list invitation

Paul Jamason pjamason at ucsd.edu
Tue Jul 27 12:35:11 MDT 2010

We are inviting members of the unav_all mailing list to join the GPS 
Explorer Google Group.  This group contains a mailing list where new 
features and content for GPS Explorer (http://geoapp.ucsd.edu) will be 
announced.  Registered members of GPS Explorer have been invited 
previously and can disregard this message.

GPS Explorer provides tools to access GPS data, positions, time series, 
velocities, and strain from continuous GPS stations in Western North 
America.  These data products are generated weekly as part of the NASA 
MEaSUREs Solid Earth Science ESDR System project.  Users can also 
perform analysis of GPS time series data using portal modeling tools.

If you'd like to receive occasional email updates regarding GPS 
Explorer, please send an email to gpse+subscribe at googlegroups.com.  No 
text is necessary in the subject line or body.  Thank you.

Paul Jamason
NASA MEaSUREs Solid Earth Science ESDR System (SESES) Team

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