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 EarthScope <http://www.earthscope.org/pommo/es_banner.jpg> 

 Reminder: Please register for one or both of these workshops by uly 15.
Note that each workshop has its own web site and registration form.  Ocean
Leadership and the EarthScope National Office will help coordinate travel
expenses for those attending both meetings.  

The Spectrum of Fault Slip Behaviors

October 11-14,  Portland, OR 

 This is the first in an anticipated series of workshops to spawn virtual
EarthScope Institutes that are intended to engage the scientific community
on broad, emerging problems with transformative potential. To propose
additional topics for workshops to initiate virtual EarthScope Institutes,
please contact a member of the EarthScope Steering Committee.

The principle goal of this EarthScope Institute will be to improve
understanding of the mechanisms responsible for the spectrum of observed
fault slip behaviors. The purpose of October 11-14 workshop is to seed
collaborations between observational efforts, numerical and theoretical
approaches, and laboratory based research programs focused on Transient
Fault Slip (TFS). Presentations from the workshop will be posted on the web
as background for what is planned to be a continuing on-line community
exploring the spectrum of fault slip behaviors. The Institute is intended to
foster continuing critical thinking about the underlying mechanisms and
physical processes responsible for TFS and promote broad, community-based
interest in understanding TFS. 

For more information and to apply for the workshop, please go to: 


Conveners: Chris Marone (Penn State Un.), Jeff Freymueller (Un. of Alaska),
John Vidale (Un. of Washington), Anne Trehu (Oregon State Un.)

Logistics managed by the EarthScope National Office



NSF Cascadia Initiative Workshop

October 15-16, Portland, OR
As part of the 2009 Stimulus or ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment
Act) spending, NSF's Earth Sciences (EAR) and Ocean Sciences (OCE) divisions
each received $5M in facility-related investment. The funds are targeted
toward Facilities that support EarthScope and MARGINS science objectives,
with an initial emphasis on onshore/offshore studies of the Cascadia margin.
The ARRA funds are being utilized by UNAVCO, IRIS, and OBSIP to improve
seismic and geodetic datasets in the Cascadia region including improvements
to real-time GPS capabilities, densification of the onshore seismic
networks, and the construction and deployment of an array of ocean-bottom
seismometers for offshore community experiments.

A two-day workshop will be held October 15 and 16 in Portland Oregon to
discuss the full range of opportunities associated with this new initiative.
The primary goal of the workshop is to determine a deployment plan for the
fleet of ocean bottom seismometers built with ARRA funds that are to be
deployed in a community experiment in Cascadia beginning in the summer of
2011. Complementary objectives of the community-based workshop and resultant
report are to:

- Provide updates on the new Facilities that are being constructed with the
ARRA funds.

- Define high priority research questions that can be addressed with the
offshore-onshore facility.

- Develop recommendations for data products that will maximize the
utilization of these new datasets.

- Explore opportunities to develop complementary experiments as well as
linkages with Neptune Canada, OOI, and USGS efforts in the region.

The workshop will be held at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Portland. Partial
travel support is available for approximately 55 participants. The deadline
for registering and applying for travel support is July 15th 2010.
Registration, hotel and travel information can be found at:


As additional information about the workshop becomes available it will be
posted at:


Conveners: Chris Goldfinger (OSU), Jeff McGuire (WHOI), Susan Schwartz
(UCSC), Doug Toomey (Oregon), Kelin Wang (PGC)



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