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Subject: EarthScope Institute on The Spectrum of Fault Slip Behaviors

The Spectrum of Fault Slip Behaviors

October 11-14,  Portland, OR

The principle goal of this EarthScope Institute is to improve  
understanding of the mechanisms responsible for the spectrum of  
observed fault slip behaviors. The purpose of the workshop is to seed  
collaborations between observational efforts, numerical and  
theoretical approaches, and laboratory based research programs focused  
on Transient Fault Slip (TFS). Presentations from the workshop will be  
posted on the web as background for what is planned to be a  
continuing, on-line community effort. The Institute is intended to  
foster critical thinking about the underlying mechanisms and physical  
processes responsible for TFS and to promote broad, community-based  
interest in understanding TFS.

For more information and to apply for the workshop, please go to:


Conveners: Chris Marone (Penn State Un.), Jeff Freymueller (Un. of  
Alaska), John Vidale (Un. of Washington), Anne Trehu (Oregon State Un.)

Please register by July 15.  Logistics managed by the EarthScope  
National Office

This is the first in an anticipated series of workshops to spawn  
virtual EarthScope Institutes that are intended to engage the  
scientific community on broad, emerging problems with transformative  
potential. To propose additional topics for workshops to initiate  
virtual EarthScope Institutes, please contact a member of the  
EarthScope Steering Committee.

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