[unav_all] GeoPRISMS Implementation Workshop: Rift Initiation, and Evolution, 4-6 Nov, 2010

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Thu Jun 10 08:59:53 MDT 2010

GeoPRISMS Implementation Workshop:

Rift Initiation and Evolution
Santa Fe, New Mexico
November 4-6, 2010

A MARGINS/GeoPRISMS-sponsored workshop on the new GeoPRISMS Rift Initiation and
Evolution (RIE) Initiative will be held November 4-6, 2010 in Santa Fe, New
Mexico. This workshop will produce the implementation plan for the RIE
component of the GeoPRISMS Science Plan.  Participants will further refine the
themes and the unanswered questions proposed in the RIE Initiative in the Draft
Science Plan (www.nsf-margins.org/Planning_and_review/DSP_final.html). We will
also develop the science implementation plan. Two key goals of this workshop
are to resolve which themes and questions require "Primary Sites" for
concentrated, collaborative investigations, and to finalize selection of one or
two such Sites.  The RIE Initiative addresses four broad questions:

(1)	Where and why do continental rifts initiate?
(2)	How do fundamental rifting processes (such as tectonics, magmatism, and
erosion, transport, and sedimentation), and the feedbacks between them, evolve
in time and space?
(3)	What controls the structural and stratigraphic architecture of rifted
continental margins during and after breakup?
(4)	What are the mechanisms and consequences of fluid and volatile exchange
between the Earth, oceans, and atmosphere at rifted continental margins, and
between the lithosphere and the mantle?

The workshop will consist of two days of presentations, poster-sessions and
breakout group discussions, followed by a half-day discussion to finalize the
implementation plan including decisions on Primary Sites. Workshop participants
will focus on refining RIE science goals and establishing accomplishment
milestones in order to answer the RIE research questions in a 5 and 10 year
time period. Participants will also evaluate strategies to address these goals,
including opportunities for collaboration with international and national
research partners, sister organizations, and industry. On the afternoon of the
third day, there will be an optional half-day field trip to various sites
within the Rio Grande rift.

Interested researchers from all countries should submit an application online at
www.geoprisms.org/RIE/2010 by August 1, 2010. The application should include a
brief statement of interest and a short C.V. All scientists interested in
rifted margin studies are encouraged to apply, independent of past involvement
in MARGINS or GeoPRISMS. Post-docs, senior graduate students, and members of
underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to participate. Selected
participants will be notified by Sept. 1, 2010. Funding from NSF is expected to
cover a significant fraction of travel and accommodation costs for U.S.
participants. Questions or comments may be directed to the MARGINS/GeoPRISMS
Office at margins at nsf-margins.org.

	Mike Oskin (University of California, Davis) - Chair
	Ramon Arrowsmith (Arizona State University)
	Peter Flemings (University of Texas, Austin)
	Donna Shillington (Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory)
	Jolante van Wijk (University of Houston)

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