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Meghan Miller meghan at unavco.org
Thu Mar 4 22:22:56 MST 2010

UNAVCO Community,

As you know from my recent communication, the UNAVCO science community has initiated a geodetic response to the February 27, 2010 Mw=8.8 earthquake in Chile with support from UNAVCO staff.   Mike Bevis and Bob Smalley were in the field during the earthquake and have been very effective in working throughout the crisis; this is very serendipitous - or perhaps even statistically likely given their great time commitment to field work there over so many years.  Jeff Genrich quickly mobilized, and is presumed to be leaning on a drill under the Southern Cross as I write.  

A team of community members, including Mike and Bob working from Chile, and Ben Brooks and Mark Simons stateside, has come together and articulated a set of science goals that can be advanced by swift deployment of geodetic instrumentation in rapid response to this event, and an initial plan for that deployment.  They have submitted an advanced draft proposal to NSF that will be buffed out over the coming waking moments, hours, and perhaps days (including the weekend), in pursuit of RAPID NSF funding.  

At the same time, a longer term strategy for continued observations is also under discussion, for possible submission of a community proposal.

I am writing to request your ideas and recommendations for scientific targets and deployment strategies, so that the planning can be advised by the broadest possible perspectives and goals.  There are several ways for you to (quickly!) convey your thoughts:

1-  For scientific priorities that could shape the immediate response, please write with alacrity to Ben Brooks, Mark Simons, Adrian Borsa, and me by reply to this message (all are explicitly copied to make a reply easy).  We don't want to drown Bevis and Smalley with unfiltered responses while they are in the field and have limited connectivity.

Adrian will ensure that responses get posted to the UNAVCO Response Forum so that they can be openly viewed.

2-  Please also plan to attend a special session on RAPID response at the UNAVCO workshop next week that we have tentatively planned for Wednesday evening.   Bring your pen drive with your early results since February 27.  The intent is to have this be a working meeting that shapes or enhances science goals and refines near-term deployment strategies.

3-  For those who are interested in contributing to a possible community proposal for longer term observations....  Please send your thoughts on scientific priorities and longer term deployment strategies that could shape a several year community plan for installations, observations, acquisition of data sets, education and outreach opportunities, and cultivation of international collaborations.    Think also about matching funds plans, and join a round table discussion over lunch next Wednesday, March 10 at the UNAVCO Science Workshop where a strategy for advancing such a proposal could be advanced.

Thank you for your swift assistance with this response.



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