[unav_all] IGS05 reference frame for PBO GPS positions and velocities

Adrian Borsa borsa at unavco.org
Fri Mar 26 15:34:03 MDT 2010

Current users of the Plate Boundary Observatory's published GPS  
position timeseries and velocities should be aware that these data  
products are now available in both the original SNARF 1.0 reference  
frame and the global IGS05 reference frame.

Access to these data products via FTP (data-out.unavco.org/pub/ 
products) and UNAVCO's Data Archive Interface (http://facility.unavco.org/data/dai2/dai2.html 
) is already enabled, with new reference frame files identified by the  
"igs05" or "snf01" designation in the product filenames.  Please  
modify your data access scripts to point to these new files, as we  
will retire the old file naming convention on April 30.  The PBO  
website has also been updated to allow access to these new products  
through GPS station homepages and the GPS data products page.

Please direct any questions or concerns about these changes to Adrian  
Borsa, PBO Data Products Manager (borsa at unavco.org).

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