[unav_all] USGS Mendenhall Post-doctoral Fellowship Opportunity: Research for Building New Holistic Earthquake Monitoring

Joan Gomberg gomberg at usgs.gov
Thu Sep 9 11:34:45 MDT 2010

USGS Mendenhall Post-doctoral Fellowship Opportunity: Research for  
Building New Holistic Earthquake Monitoring

We seek a postdoctoral fellow to engage in studies that will develop  
insights and strategies for the next generation of earthquake  
monitoring. The research conducted in this project would test the  
hypothesis that geodetic and seismic data are complementary and can be  
used simultaneously for more robust monitoring than traditional  
seismically-based monitoring, not only of earthquakes but also for  
other deformation transients that provide clues about the accumulation  
and release of tectonic stresses. Research will focus on the Cascadia  
subduction zone in the Pacific Northwest, where both state-of-the-art  
seismic and geodetic networks operate, the discovery of episodic  
tremor and slow slip has led to the recognition that significant  
fractions of stored up strain energy are released aseismically, and  
the consequences of a major earthquake necessitates research to  
improve our understanding of and ability to monitor and respond to  
such events.  The Fellow will be encouraged to explore analog studies  
and to demonstrate the transferability of strategies and results from  
the Cascadia to other regions and monitoring circumstances.

Scientists and staff of the USGS and the Dept. of Earth and Space  
Sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle works closely  
together. The Fellow also would be encouraged to work with geodesist  
Research Advisors Murray-Moraleda and Langbein at the USGS in Menlo  
Park, CA and Melbourne at Central Washington University in Ellensburg,  

Duty Station: Seattle, WA

Areas of Ph.D.: Geology, geophysics, geodesy, seismology, physics.

Research Advisors: Joan Gomberg, (206) 616-5581, gomberg at usgs.gov;  
Jessica Murray-Moraleda, jrmurray at usgs.gov; John Langbein, langbein at usgs.gov 
; Tim Melbourne, tim at geology.cwu.edu; Paul Bodin, bodin at uwas.edu; John  
Vidale, john_vidale at mac.com.

For more details please see the attached summary, visit http://geology.usgs.gov/postdoc/ 
, or contact one of the Research Advisors.  Thanks!

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