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Last spring, the UNAVCO community discussed a science agenda for regional GPS monitoring in the Caribbean - at the UNAVCO 2010 Science Workshop, through the on-line forum, and through less formal venues.    These discussions led to a proposal for a Caribbean-wide regional GPS network to provide facility infrastructure for geoscience investigation of process-oriented science questions with direct relevance to geohazards, and to plan for regional capacity building.  The science rationale focused on targets both in Earth and atmospheric sciences, and the submission included a pair of collaborative proposals from UNAVCO and UCAR for a five-year program.

This project has now been awarded by the NSF Geoscience Directorate.  The Continuously Operating Caribbean GPS Observational Network (COCONet) will consist of 50 new CGPS and meteorology stations designed to augment data from another 50 existing GPS stations in the region.   COCONet intends to provide free, high-quality, low-latency, open data and data products for researchers, educators, students, and the private sector for 100 stations. These data will be used by local and foreign researchers to study a variety of problems that include solid earth processes such as plate kinematics and dynamics, and plate boundary interaction and deformation, including earthquake cycle processes. It will also serve atmospheric science objectives by providing more precise estimates of tropospheric water vapor and enabling better forecast of the dynamics of airborne moisture associated with the yearly Caribbean hurricane cycle.  Because of the open data design, we anticipate significant broader impact with unanticipated science applications and commensurate societal benefits

An important aspect of the project is a community workshop in year one, that will 
(1) refine the overarching science goals for the network and 
(2) define and prioritize additional science experiments (e.g. landslides, LiDAR, sea level experiments) that can capitalize on this investment in a pan- Caribbean infrastructure.  

The station siting plan will be an important product of this meeting.  We are just forming the organizing committee for this workshop.  Please look for formal workshops announcements to this list, in Eos, and other venues over the next month or so.  We are open to hearing from you about where announcements will have the broadest reach in the Caribbean and beyond.

In the meantime, if this meeting is of potential interest to you, we are targeting February 2 - 4, 2011, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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