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There will be two GAMIT/GLOBK workshops offered in the Americas this year.

Corrected - Instituto Geofísico, Escuela Politécnica Nacional-Quito, 18-22


University of Miami, 16-19  November 

The format will be a combination of lecture, discussion, and tutoring.
Participants should have a reasonable knowledge of GPS theory and Unix and
have used the software enough to be proficient in standard processing.
Tutoring will be based on data sets participants bring on their own laptops.

Both of the workshops will cover the fundamental issues of static processing
of both continuous and survey-mode measurements:
defining global, regional, and local reference frames; temporal and spatial
filtering of time series; modeling tropospheric, antenna, and loading
effects in height estimates;  combining solutions; handling
step-displacements due to earthquakes and instrument changes; and developing
an error model for velocity estimates.  In addition, the Miami workshop that
is part of the UNAVCO Short Course Series, will include modeling of GPS
velocities and time series using DEFNODE and will be taught in English by
Bob King, Rob McCaffrey, Tim Dixon and Shimon Wdowinski.

The Quito workshop will be taught in English and Spanish by Mark Murray and
Jean-Mathieu Nocquet.

To enroll for either venue, contact Bob King ( <mailto:rwk at chandler.mit.edu>
rwk at chandler.mit.edu).  Once accepted, we will send detailed information
about formal registration and accommodations. 

Grants for travel of US and foreign students are available from UNAVCO for
the Miami workshop (see

There are tentative plans for three GAMIT workshops in early 2011 in Lima,
and Nairobi on static processing, and in Boulder with an emphasis on
kinematic processing including real-time.


Bob King, MIT and Shelley Olds, UNAVCO



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