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Neilan, Ruth E (3300) ruth.e.neilan at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Aug 19 16:10:18 MDT 2011

Author: IGS CB for Prof. Chris Rizos

Dear Colleagues -

I am pleased to announce the new GGOS Chair, Prof. Dr. Hansjöerg
Kutterer. He was elected for a four year period by the IAG Executive
Committee meeting on Sunday 3rd July. Hansjöerg takes the chair from
Prof. Markus Rothacher. A transition team consisting of members of the
previous GGOS Executive Committee has been established to ensure that
the new organisational components of GGOS are put in place, including
the new GGOS Consortium and GGOS Coordinating Board.

Changes to the GGOS organisational structure are described in the new
Terms of Reference, which were accepted by the IAG Executive Committee
at its 3rd July meeting. ToR may be viewed at http://www.ggos.org<http://www.ggos.org/>, click
on ‘About GGOS’ and go to the link at the base of the page. The revised
GGOS Vision, Mission, Goals and Tasks may also be accessed at this link.

I would like to thank to previous GGOS Chair, and members of the
Steering Committee, the Executive Committee and the Science Panel for
their hard work and dedication. The ‘new’ GGOS will build on the
tremendous work and achievements of these officers. The IAG Executive
Committee will continue to work closely with the GGOS leadership to
ensure that the GGOS vision will be realised.

Chris Rizos
President, International Association of Geodesy
19 August 2011

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