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Meghan Miller meghan at unavco.org
Wed Aug 31 09:27:00 MDT 2011

UNAVCO Community,  Colleagues,

This message contains information on activities that UNAVCO has undertaken in response to the M5.8 Virginia earthquake that occurred on 23 Aug 2011.

	• A UNAVCO Science Highlight web page has been established to provide an overview of the event, geodetic resources available from UNAVCO including GPS, SAR and other data, current UNAVCO response activities, and useful links to other results and community resources:

	• A UNAVCO event response forum has been established. Please use this forum for communications and updates, so those who join the conversation at a later time can access the entire thread:  
• Current UNAVCO response activities include:

		• Recent satellite SAR (ENVISAT) data acquisitions have been confirmed and future acquisitions (ENVISAT and TerraSAR-X) have been requested covering the region near the epicenter. WInSAR users will have access to ENVISAT data. Detailed information will be posted in the forums.

		• Campaign GPS systems are field-ready and on standby for deployment.

		• Planning for the installation of permanent GPS sites near the epicenter is in progress.

		• It has been determined that there is no surface expression of the fault rupture visible around the epicenter. Structural damage is reported mostly for brick buildings, but no rupture. Based on this information, there are no current plans to collect TLS data near the epicenter.

Community members are welcome to request support from UNAVCO.

	• David Phillips is the event response coordinator for this earthquake and is UNAVCO's point of contact: phillips at unavco.org.

	• If you would like UNAVCO support for accessing data, geodesy education resources, coordination of community activities, or have other requests related to this event, please let us know and we will help with proposals and projects on a best effort basis within current scope or in support of securing new resources. UNAVCO's Project Support Request form is always an appropriate point of entry if you don't know where else to start.  It is linked from our front page and found directly at: http://www.unavco.org/support/support.html   If you need help in filling out this form, call the event coordinator or your favorite UNAVCO staff member to work with you on this.

	•  For inclusion in UNAVCO’s other web pages, send links (with a complete, copy-eidited caption, appropriate attribution and acknowledgment, and your name affiliation) to Shelley Olds: olds at unavco.org.  

	•  You can link to UNAVCO's science highlights and what's hot..... from our home page at:   http://www.unavco.org/

	•  The event policy as well as the forum for this event can be accessed from:  http://www.unavco.org/support/event-response/event-response.html.

Finally, we are formally debriefing after each event to review and refine our response protocols.   If you have feedback on how we can continue to improve our web and community presence, please write to me or to the event coordinator.


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